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Dceased: Dead Planet

Dceased: Dead Planet

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In another part of the United States, Arsenal has managed to survive in the city of Chicago, saving those he can from the Anti-Living. Meanwhile, Superman is talking to Mister Miracle and Big Barda when he begins hearing the anarchy erupting across the planet. Jon intervenes, as he hears Cyborg say there's a cure and ends up with the Sword of Athena through his arm and Wonder Woman's as well.

It does feel like the time jump leaves readers with a gaping emptiness regarding how things are nowadays but these voids can be filled with the other volumes (DCeased: The Unkillables and DCeased: Hope At World’s End) exploring those moments and the villains’ point of view during the DCeased event. DeSaad attempts to stop the virus spread by sending Cyborg back to Earth, but Darkseid unleashes the full power of his Omega Beams, obliterating the planet. In Keystone City, Wally West, Max Mercury, Impulse and Jesse Quick evacuate the uninfected residents to an alternate Earth.

The threat of the Amazo robots while Trigon is invading and them having find a cure to the virus and what that entails and the drama there and so many high stakes its brilliant, the way Jon and Damian are written is awesome but its constantine who steals the show and its one of the best re-reads I have had and it just gets better everytime. Taylor has written for Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Boom Studios, Wildstorm, 2000 AD and Gestalt Comics. At the Tower of Fate, Jon awakens to Krypto giving him all sorts of affection with Mary sitting in the chair nearby. Sinestro attempts to explain that they are trying to save the planet but an infected Supergirl attacks them, injuring Kyle and infecting Warworld with the Anti-Life virus.

This series has so many plots going on and all are carried so well and its so interesting to see Taylor handle it and give epic moments for John and Jon (Superman) and the art is fab and interesting pairing and the story starts off in some pessimistic fashion but by the end its smiles. The next day, Brainiac probes approach Earth-2 but are dispatched by Superman, Jon and Jessica Cruz.Before Bane can pursue, Solomon Grundy arrives and rips off Bane's head and throws it at the infected.

While they formulate a plan, Brainiac notices that Mister Miracle's motherbox has been infected and linked, notifying the infected new gods as they lay siege to Earth-2 shortly after. Swamp Thing links Damian, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Wally West, Detective Chimp, Mary Marvel, and Cyborg to the Green to create the cure. Cyborg informs everyone they must leave, elaborating further that the Anti-Living are extensions of the Anti-Life Equation that can sense life and want to destroy it.The new trinity of Jon Kent/Superman, Daimen Wayne/Batman, and Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Women lead other heroes from their Earth-2 and head out to find Cyborg. final book in the DCeased series, “Dead Planet”, was an exciting and fun conclusion to the zombie apocalypse, DC universe-style.

Everything comes down to how invested you were in DCeased and how curious you are about what comes next.With Trigon and the Amazo army defeated, the heroes celebrate the curing of the world, with Jon reuniting with his grandfather and Green Canary reuniting with Green Arrow. Jon knew that there were billions infected and a cure existed, which made him more determined than ever to find it.

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